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Inspired by a tweet from Kenneth Lipp on Twitter in which obviously live streams of Predator Drones were published on the internet, I started to look for the material myself on Shodan.

So I started a search on the key words on ShodanHQ und stumbled across said streams shortly after. Due to nerdy and journalistic curiosity, I randomly took a look an the same IP-address range in order to find more live imagery.


Shodan Suche „html:fmv“

Just to make it clear: We are talking about freely accessible web servers, given the IP-addresses are known. A search engine like Shodan – in comparison to Google – simply uses different key words in the algorithm and crawls the web for so called „Internet of Things“-devices. In other words: badly or insufficiently secured devices/servers on the web accessible for all.

The fourth result lead to a live stream displaying the area of the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, others had the same idea to look further and have obviously found more streams.

Anyhow, it was my first try and based on the drone stream accessible under I simply went along the address range incrementally and didn’t believe my own eyes. The URL points to the following page (as taken from (A Reverse Lookup lists the IP as appointed to the following  Domain

There was a page with the name „SIRIS –  Surveillance Intelligence Reconnaissance Information System“. First, I assumed that somebody must have misconfigured the access rights. A little further down the page it got even more intreresting: obviously even some SKYNET NSA loginpages are linked directly (I can’t tell whether or not those pages grant direct access to said system. It’s up to others to evaluate that).

The page itself looks as if it was used as a demonstrational system of a software of an external actor along the US-Military/Intelligence supply chain. There are several screencasts to be found that look like a tour to the software of the prorgram.

(Be carefull: The Videos are linked direct at the source page)

This Slides i found under „SIRIS 0.9“:

As I already said, I leave it to others to judge the found documents. Obviously they must be rated as „unclassified“, since they contain dummy data for demonstrational purposes. But one couldn’t exactly say that the SKYNET Logins have been spread accross every blog roll so far (given they’re real). Up until now I haven’t heard of  a program called „SIRIS“, so I would be happy to receive furhter info on it. Since the server is openly accessible for everyone on the web, I have decided to publicly talk about my findings.

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